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    H Type (South Korea)

    Project Title: Local Foreigner
    Client or Class Name: Playmakes -

    This is logo for the exhibition and event, Local Foreigners’ Story in SEOUL.

    Yellow square is show the space, so the word in it means ‘local’, and the word beside local is reflected foreigner. Words in second line means Seoul Story, red triangle represents specific place which is Seoul.

    About Local Foreigners’ Story in SEOUL

    Telling the stories of Seoul’s ‘Local Foreigners’ will help to create a unique map of the city. We will then take these stories to London to share with England’s ‘Local Foreigners’, who will respond in an international exchange – And you could be part of it!

    All Seoul stories will appear in the ‘’Local Foreigners’ Story Webzine’, ‘Seoul Treasure Chest Exhibition’ and ‘Everyone’s a Public Diplomat Program’ run by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Korea Foundation.

    2015 Logo Design Award Winner



    Creative Team

    Hyojin An


    2015 Logo Design Award Winner


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