• Live2Thrive Patient Support Program

    Web Design

    McCann Torre Lazur (USA)

    Project Title: Live2Thrive Patient Support Program
    Client or Class Name: Allergan - www.allergan.com

    Campaign Objective:

    Imagine life ending at 28. Imagine spending several hours of your day with therapeutic devices that clear mucus from your lungs. Add to that the looming threat of financial ruin—hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on digestive enzymes and supplements because your body can’t absorb or break down food properly. This is life with cystic fibrosis (CF). The folks at Allergan (formerly Actavis) asked a simple question: “How can we make life easier for people with CF?”

    Creative Strategy:

    We answered the call with Live2Thrive® (L2T), a robust, CRM-driven, online community/reward program that offers substantial savings—up to $18,000 a year on eligible pancreatic enzymes and free vitamins and supplements—for patients with CF and their caregivers. Patients earn and redeem points for therapeutic devices and other QOL-enhancing products. The program uses a disarmingly un-slick, illustrative design, focusing on the key milestones that are no longer out of reach for patients with CF. The response has been extraordinary: 400% membership increase over the past year.

    Target Audience:

    The site includes relevant information for all ages and offers advice on coping with a chronic disease that requires constant maintenance and organization.

    2016 Consumer Website Design Award Winner
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    Creative Team

    Chief Creative Officer:
    Marcia Goddard

    Creative Director:
    Modesto Rodriguez

    Art Supervisor:
    Chris Moniello

    Copy Supervisor:
    Liz Smith

    UX Architect:
    Jai Brinkofski

    Sr Project Manager:
    Tom Gilmour

    Sr Account Executive:
    Siobhan Barry-Reid



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