Little Spoon Boosters

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Little Big Brands (USA)

Project Title: Little Spoon Boosters
Client or Class Name: Little Spoon Boosters -

Little Spoon developed Boosters to solve some of the biggest challenges faced throughout babyhood: from iron deficiency to constipation. Boosters are clean, powerful nutritional supplements to mix into your baby’s food, they continued their partnership Little Big Brands to intoruduce this new innovation. The design had to be efficacious and yet use language that was relevant to the target audience.  LBB developed fun and telegraphic icons to get the message across, paired with the Little Spoon brand colour. The pack was printed with a soft touch finish that helped communicate the emotional with a tactile connection.

2019 Food Packaging Design Award Winner


Creative Team

Chief Creative Officer:
John Nunziato,

Client Services Director:
Pam Long

Associate Design Director:
Tierney Latella

Account Manager:
Emma Jackson

Megan Brown


2019 Food Packaging Design Award Winner 2019 Food Packaging Design Award Winner 2019 Food Packaging Design Award Winner


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