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    Project Title: Lipton Sparkling
    Client or Class Name: PepsiCo - Pepsico.com

    Welcome to a world where the smoothness of iced tea meets the Crispness of tiny bubbles to deliver a new sensorial experience.

    With Lipton Sparkling we wanted to make the senses dance…

    Clearly expressing the product’s differentiating tea credentials was a priority. With the unique ‘gilver’ metallic used, we blend the warm glow of Lipton and the silver of effervescent bubbles to create a new tone ownable to this innovation. With the graphic tea leaf treatment, we celebrated the sense of uniqueness and Lipton’s long-standing passion for tea.

    The uplifting nature of the refreshment is depicted by the ‘woosh’ of bubbles across the packaging – an idea that carries through into off-pack communications, too. The strong, but natural variant colours make for impactful shelf presence and easy flavour navigation.

    2015 Beverage Packaging Design Award Winner


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    2015 Beverage Packaging Design Award Winner


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