LHWH Website


LHWH Advertising & PR (United States)

Project Title: LHWH Website
Client or Class Name: LHWH Advertising & PR - https://www.lhwhadvertising.com

Once a visitor arrives at the homepage, the photos behind each nav category are randomly selected from a large bank of possible images. In fact, there are over 750 customized visual ways in which the page can look. Each time its refreshed, a new visual arrangement appears. Animation is used throughout the site to deepen engagement. A fully interactive portfolio of recent work is showcased in the ‘What We Do’ section along with a custom designed video player for the agency’s Video Production work.

2019 Self Promotion Website Design Award Winner


Creative Team

Interactive Creative Director & Web Designer:
Pat Harris

IT Director & Dev Ops Manager:
Dana McDonald

Andy Lesnik

Danielle Welch

Video Director:
Michael Tidwell

Steve Ellwood

Digital Services:
Tracey Geary