• Lego Subway Guard

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    frog ad school (South Korea)

    Project Title: Lego Subway Guard
    Client or Class Name: Frogadschool -

    Subway accidents occur frequently in Australia.

    People often step on the line or are over it in the station putting it to shame that the phrase, ‘Please wait behind the yellow line’ at the station.’

    I would like to let people be aware of the significance of safety before this rampant safety ignorance.

    After the observation, I was able to find out that the safety lines are forming as a repetitive circle. What reminds me of was ‘Lego’. This idea is to put Lego basic plate and the big Lego stationmaster on it warning people in a cute way, ‘The Lego Subway Guard’.

    2018 Ambient Media Student Design Award Winner


    Creative Team

    Creative Director:
    Hyejin Kim



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