Lego Recycle

Public Service

Hongik University (South Korea)

Project Title: Lego Recycle
Client or Class Name: Adrenalin -

Lego Recycle 

Lego Recycle solves a plastic problem by giving information about the plastic and experience of recycling in a creative way. By scanning the plastic with ‘Lego Recycle’ app children can learn about the plastic which is harmful to the environment. Harmful plastic good will be come up with 3d lego from by VR system, and they can get lego pieces by tapping it on screen. With Lego pieces, children can create anything. In addition, after making a creative lego sculpture,  they can see how much they have saved by recycling the plastic. The process of the game shows that sustainable plastic can be reborn into anything. Children can experience recycling system by themselves in an easy but funny way. At the same time. creating into a new thing can develop children’s creativity. Additionally, the user can know that Lego is an eco-friendly corporation and making an effort in a plastic problem. Recycle Anything, Recreate Everything LEGO RECYCLE.


Creative Team

Sujin Jo

Art Director:
Seok Jeong Ah

Seohee Hong



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