• Lego Kids Care Kit

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    frog ad school (South Korea)

    Project Title: Lego Kids Care Kit
    Client or Class Name: Frogadschool -

    Children love LEGO! However, it can be a burden to parents who are real buyers.

    So, what if LEGO becomes a gift to parents as well as the children? Lego provides a solution, ‘LEGO Kids Care Kit’ for moments those are difficult to take care of children. (Example: children who refuses to brush teeth, does not clean up the mess, walking around during mealtime, putting chopstick on electric cords, take off shoes anywhere, refuses to take bath)

    The LEGO Care Kit is enjoyable gift for children since they get to their favorite LEGO in daily life. The parents will be delighted since the LEGO kit helps them take caring their children. LEGO will become a brand that brings happiness to both children and the parents.


    Creative Team

    Creative Director:
    Hyejin Kim

    Art Director:
    Kyeongha Kang

    Copy Writer:
    Hyunjae Park

    Copy Writer:
    Dham Jung

    Graphic Designer:
    Wooyong Lee



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