Corporate Identity Manual


    Project Title: LAS ARADAS CAFE
    Client or Class Name: LAS ARADAS - n/a

    Diseño Flandoli was challenge with a project that involved creating a new coffee brand. To achieve this we had to gather all the information regarding services, products, client ideas and develop a brand platform from the most relevant concepts. We developed the brand and emotional values, brand positioning, brand history, brand personality, brand voice and visual expression.

    The main idea was to create a story for this coffee brand which can become more than a logo, a brand that connects with the audience. The objetive was to comunicate the concept of history andtradition, rediscover the quality of ecuadorian coffee and rescue the best coffee from South America.

    Our challenge was to summarize all the key points into a corporate identity manual that had no boundries stablished by the client. The logo design also was a big challenge, searching for the character that could represent the brand. We developed over sixty sketches to find the right gesture of the character to convey the concepts of the brand.

    All design elements have meaningful statements. Starting with the logo design that conveys classic features executed in a contemporary and modern style. The logo character represents pride and quality incorporated with the circular medalform.  All the brand applications, graphic elements, quality seals, color and textures raises from the concept of harvesting the coffee out of the beautiful mountains of Loja – Ecuador. The overall design came along as a of mixture of tradition, culture and identity.

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    2012 Corporate Identity Manual Design Award


    Creative Team

    Graphic Designer:
    Mateo Sebastian Flandoli

    Marina Gallardo Schanz



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