Lamb’s Spiced Rum

Food & Beverage

Davis (Canada)

Project Title: Lamb’s Spiced Rum
Client or Class Name: Corby Spirit and Wine Limited -

In a competitive rum category, Lamb’s Spiced Rum was not on the radar for younger millennials and Gen Z. While Lamb’s looked to draw in a younger cohort with this spiced spirit, it had to maintain its edge as a unique and trusted brand. The target market aims to attract the young, fun, aspiring socials enjoying experiences that are uncomplicated and mainstream, and who search for brands that reflect this lifestyle. The new design invites these consumers to discover the mystery of Lamb’s Spiced Rum: “The Magical Spirit.” Lamb’s Rum’s heritage as the rum of choice for the British Royal Navy opened the door to explore other aspects of its history for the redesign. The Caribbean expeditions made by the real Alfred Lamb and the rum’s liquid “spirit” bring a sense of intrigue, mystique and adventure, creating the foundation for this rum’s tale. The serpent becomes the hero on pack for a captivating visual, and even the label bends to its persuasion, making room for the spiralling and unpredictable creature.’

2019 Beverage Packaging Design Award Winner


Creative Team

VP Creative Director:
Mark Roberts

Paul Scarfo


2019 Beverage Packaging Design Award Winner 2019 Beverage Packaging Design Award Winner


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