Knorr Pasta

Food & Beverage

CRX Design (Brazil)

Project Title: Knorr Pasta
Client or Class Name: Unilever - n/a

Packaging for the launch of Knorr’s new range of pastas, an entirely new category for the brand. As it is a new category for the brand, and considering its strength in the instant soup and seasonings categories, it was essential to seek a unique visual identity for the pasta range that would guarantee the perception of the product as something new within the portfolio. The packaging features a visual system formed by a table scene, with a plate divided in half: in its lower portion a window reveals the raw pasta and its unique shape, and in the upper portion a photograph of a ready-made recipe. The ingredients around the plate and the wooden table create an ambiance that not only brings a homey look to the line, but also aids in navigating the products via their background colors that reflect the type of pasta — traditional, hard grain, full grain and with eggs. Its half/half structure (raw pasta vs. ready-made dish) allows easy recognition of what the product is and brings a visual language that features Knorr’s distinctive elements — its iconic green color and horizontal stripes — but explored in a unique way for this new category. The packaging has preserved the brand’s iconic traits whilst introducing its own visual language. Enabling the brand presence on shelf combined to the perception of a 100% new category, both essential objectives for project success in the retail environment.

2019 Food Packaging Design Award Winner 2019 Food Packaging Design Award Winner


Creative Team

Art Director:
Luiz Sanches

Art Director:
Danilo Helvadjian

Art Director:
Ingrid Lafalce

Strategy Director:
Cristiano Vinciprova

Thomas Faria de Aguiar

Marco Tomazelli

Juliana Takeuchi



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