Jukebox Boogie Charity Fundraiser


KM Graphic Design & Art Direction (USA)

Project Title: Jukebox Boogie Charity Fundraiser
Client or Class Name: Cocktails Against Cancer - www.cocktailsagainstcancer.org/


Cocktails Against Cancer is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization bringing awareness, support and contributions to our community and beyond. Established in 2008, Cocktails Against Cancer gives to organizations that provide research, treatment and quality of life to those fighting cancer. The annual cocktail party is the organization’s largest fundraising effort. The 2016 event has a 1950s rock n’ roll theme and is titled Jukebox Boogie. The theme will be expressed through promotion, decorations and entertainment. For example, a hula hoop performer will give two short performances set to a 1950s soundtrack and the movie Grease will be projected without sound onto a wall of the reception hall. Guests are invited to dress in nifty fifties attire.


Jukebox Boogie a themed charity fundraiser for Cocktails Against Cancer will be held on 9/24/16.


Adults in the greater Philadelphia region:

  • Return guests, familiar with Cocktails Against Cancer annual fundraising events.
  • Potential new guests


Cocktails Against Cancer Jukebox Boogie is a fun way to spend an evening and give to charity at the same time.


Creative Team

Art Director & Designer:
Kathy Mueller

Silkscreen Printer:
Atmosphere Print Company


2016 Poster Design Award Winner 2016 Poster Design Award Winner 2016 Poster Design Award Winner 2016 Poster Design Award Winner 2016 Poster Design Award Winner


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