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    Project Title: Joy to the Worlds – Word Search
    Client or Class Name: SapientNitro - www.sapientnitro.com/en-us.html#home

    We delivered a holiday card to our invaluable clients and colleagues with an entertaining, memorable holiday message that reinforces our brand and leaves our clients and employees feeling good.

    So we created a custom word search that aligns with our brand stance – operating at the intersection of technology & story. Words were chosen strategically that pertain to technology or story and revealed an “&” when the search was complete. Alongside an email message and a printed piece, we also created an interactive component to heighten the fun of the message.

    The email experience invited you to, “discover the and” by visiting our landing page and completing the word search. Our printed card celebrated the holidays with a, “Joy to the worlds we create together” message that also invited you to not only complete the printed version but visit the interactive version as well.

    We had an 80% open rate with the average session lasting 11 minutes. New sessions comprised 78.07% of visits, but we were pleased to find that 21.9% were return visitors, back to play once more.

    2016 Self Promotion Website Design Award Winner

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    Creative Team

    Omar Fajardo

    Sr. Designer:
    Mercy Tabares

    Sr. Copywriter:
    Allyson Martin

    Project Manager:
    Leyvani Escallon



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