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Project Title: Jeep® Life – World Surf League Partnership
Client or Class Name: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles -

The Jeep brand has long been associated with the spirit of adventure exemplified by surfers around the world. In 2015, the Jeep brand made it official by joining forces with the World Surf League (WSL) – the globe’s foremost professional surfing organization. As the exclusive global automotive partner, our challenge was to create an experience that brought the partnership to life by representing the pioneering, progressive, innovative spirit shared by both organizations. Our audience is Jeep fans who identify with the authentic passion displayed by the professional athletes of the WSL.

When users navigate to the page they’re immediately immersed in the essence of the sport thanks to a series of full-screen videos showing surfers riding the waves. As the user scrolls we continue the story with images and words describing the Jeep brand’s deep history with surfing, followed by some of our more modern concept vehicles created with a surf theme in mind. Jeep vehicles are well known as the ideal way to travel across sandy beaches and rocky back roads to reach the spots with the best waves.

From there, users get the full details of the Jeep brand sponsorship of the WSL Champions Tour. Full-screen video demonstrates the deep meaning and importance of the Jeep-sponsored yellow leaders’ jersey. A leaderboard is constantly updated to show the top point earners on both the Mens and Womens tours. And finally, a calendar shows upcoming tour events as well as recaps of completed tour stops with galleries showing the highlights.

As it is a new partnership, direct year-to-year comparisons are impossible but preliminary results have been very promising. Users have been spending 100% more time exploring the page when compared to other Jeep partner initiatives.

2016 Consumer Website Design Award Winner
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Creative Team

Creative Director:
Deepak Mehmi

Associate Creative Director:
Jason Mills

Jim Borwick

Art Director:
Sherry Tang

Art Director:
Ryan Mills

Experience Design:
Noah Pan

Brent Drummond

Kevin Ronald

Akshatha Prakash

Account Director:
J.J. Peyton

Ron Tsang



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