• Jaguar Sound

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    Dankook University (South Korea)

    Project Title: Jaguar Sound
    Client or Class Name: Frog AD School - www.dankook.ac.kr/web/international

    Jaguar Sound

    Every year in America, more than one million wild animals are killed by motor vehicles on the road. in spite of various campaigns, roadkill has still continued to happen. driver’s slow reaction is inevitable because the sudden appearance of a wild animal makes it difficult for driver to stop his car. for this reason, campaigns targeted at drivers didn’t work and solve problem of roadkill. so,we use howling sound of jaguar to make wild animals aware of motor vehicle as jaguar that most of wild animals are scared of. we set up car sensors In front of road sections where roadkill frequently happen. whenever cars pass through a sensor, amplifier installed on the place where wild animals frequently appear makes howling sound of jaguar. wild animals will run away and this keeps them off the side of the road.



    Creative Team

    Art Director:
    Heetaek Kong

    Account Executive:
    Seunghun Han

    Copy Writer:
    Hyunwoo Kim

    Art Director:
    HongBeom Lee

    Copy Writer:
    Sungeun Lee

    Art Director:
    Chawoong Park



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