• It’s Nothing New

    Alternative Media
    Guerrilla Marketing

    Miami Ad School New York (USA)

    Project Title: It’s Nothing New
    Client or Class Name: Miami Ad School - https://www.miamiadschool.com

    11 states have officially banned gender inclusive bathrooms. Ironically, they continue to use them without even noticing: the Portapotty.

    To draw attention to this hypocrisy, we created a guerrilla campaign that placed stickers designed as bathroom signs within portapotties. These stickers emphasized that gender neutral bathrooms aren’t new. And they aren’t taboo. In fact you’re in one, and you probably didn’t even notice.

    Why feel uncomfortable in gender neutral bathrooms when you’ve been comfortably using them for years?


    Creative Team

    Art Director:
    Rebecca Friedman

    Copy Writer:
    Emily Kaufman



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