• Iron Overload

    Alternative Media
    Virtual Reality

    Random42 Scientific Communication (United Kingdom)

    Project Title: Iron Overload
    Client or Class Name: Novartis - https://www.novartis.com

    This virtual reality animation takes the viewer inside the body to highlight the importance of iron maintenance, and shows the impact of iron build-up in at-risk patients. The flow of powerful visuals aims to educate on the cellular and molecular influence of iron in normal and disease settings, whilst also introducing the viewer to treatments that can restore iron balance. As an unbranded and purely educational animation, Novartis are now able to offer a fully immersive and fascinating insight into iron balance disorders.



    Creative Team

    Medical Director:
    Ben Ramsbottom

    Creative Director:
    Matt Sugars

    Senior Art Director:
    Uli Kilian

    Art Director:
    Tom Gibson

    Scientific Director:
    Jennifer Haas

    3D Artist:
    Sam Biddle

    3D Artist:
    Artur Pojo



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