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Mermaid, Inc. (USA)

Project Title: iPark84 Website
Client or Class Name: National Resources - www.nationalresources.com

iPark84 Website Assignment: National Resources, a real estate and investment firm, asked Mermaid, Inc. to name and create a website for their new technology-focused office park workplace.  Approach: We coined the name iPark84 to call attention to the convenient location directly off Interstate 84. To emphasize that this is not your typical office park, we created a dramatic, high-speed video that features key aspects of this stimulating and productive workspace: footage of the interstate sells location & ease of access, images of the modern office spaces appeal to the tech crowd, the high-ceiling warehouse shot showcases product storage & mobility, and the street scene gives a sense of the local restaurants & nightlife. The video plays behind a translucent black overlay, giving it a cool, modern feel. The website has a modular design so we can add additional availabilities as they come online.  The website UI features a unique scrolling path that is unexpected & engaging for the audience.  Results: The site successfully captures the feel of this modern technology office park & has created quite a buzz.

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2019 Consumer Website Design Award Winner

Judge Commentary:

“Good site. clean. vibrant. interesting.”

“Nifty navigation.”


Creative Team

Creative Director:
Sharon McLaughlin

Web UI:
Bart McLaughlin

Marketing Director:
Lauren Calabria



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