International Corporate Chefs Association Alaska Trip

Educational or Documentary TV

Appleton Creative (USA)

Project Title: International Corporate Chefs Association Alaska Trip
Client or Class Name: Marketing À La Carte -

With sustainable seafood on the rise, Appleton created a compelling video to raise awareness and demonstrate the importance of sustainability in the seafood industry. The video portrays members from the International Corporate Chefs Association who travel all throughout Alaska to learn more about how the state serves as the primary distributor for sustainable seafood. Throughout their experience they were able to gain knowledge on why sustainable fish should be used opposed to others, as well as a new-found respect and appreciation for the seafood that we consume.

Judge Commentary: “Terrific. Very very good. Perfect interviews, lovely footage and the music is not overwhelming.”


Creative Team

Creative Director:
Diana LaRue

Director of Photography and Editor:
Mike Speltz



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