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Project Title: Instagram – Drop The Crop
Client or Class Name: Copywriting Program -


On the 27th of August, Instagram released a new update that changed the way people post on the app. They now allow not only square images but also full size portrait and landscape pictures.

Within three days of the release of their feature, we released this campaign to spread awareness about the Paralympic athletes using Instagram’s new feature as an innovative medium.


Drop The Crop

Cropping photographs to a square sometimes makes us leave out important details. With this new feature, we see the whole picture – allowing the Paralympic athletes to show people who they really are; with more space to display their victories.


Within a few days, we were featured on Business Insider, which has 40 mill global readers, and were shared by The International Paralympic Committee themselves. This was shared Hector Picard, the famous adaptive triathlete, author and motivational speaker, and began to get press on Metro News, Homegrown, and several other news publications from Russia, Germany, France, India, Netherlands – totalling to a possible 60 million impressions.


Creative Team

Tanvi Tandon

Art Director:
Rajath Ramamurthy

Art Director:
Liudmila Kulibaba

Shashank Hariharan



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