• Incredible India


    The Aquario Group (USA)

    Project Title: Incredible India
    Client or Class Name: India's Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, Incredible India - https://incredibleindia.org/

    Incredible India! is an international marketing campaign by the Government of India to promote tourism in India. The campaign was initiated to an audience of global appeal. Every year during India’s independence anniversary in New York, they host a series of cultural events around the New York City. We were given an opportunity to design the advertising panels and posters. We decided to establish a theme called, LOOK CLOSER, and mind-body-soul. Our graphic campaign revolved around inviting guests to visit India to learn the country from a deeper perspective and look at the details and intricacies that tell India’s unique story.

    2017 Poster Series Design Award Winner


    Creative Team

    Creative Director and Lead Designer:
    Smrita Jain


    2017 Poster Series Design Award Winner 2017 Poster Series Design Award Winner