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Prolific Interactive (United States)

Project Title: In Home Preview for
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The “In-Home Preview” project Prolific provided for combines precision 3D modeling with the latest AR technology from Apple to give prospective buyers of home fixtures a tool to visualize items in their homes. Without brick-and-mortar locations or a showroom, there was an enormous opportunity to apply AR technology and design to’s e-tail shopping experience. The “In-Home Preview” AR feature within’s app solves for the limitations of regular images in a digital marketplace by bridging the “touch-feel gap” customers experience when buying products sight unseen. Designed for freedom of movement in a 3-dimensional space, the design reflects that users aren’t just tapping on the screen, they are changing their physical position in the room and the interface needs to interact with their physical surroundings as well as the actions they take within the app. For example, users can place an AR faucet where it will actually go in their home and explore different finishes to determine which style they like best, “turn on” that item to see the spray pattern, or adjust the hot/ cold setting to how the handle works.

Unlike other ARKit apps, none of the extraordinary attention to detail was sacrificed in In-Home Preview’s 3D Models. Each object in the AR feature accurately and precisely adheres to the scale, material, angles, and functionality it would have in a showroom to achieve the most realistic effects possible, down to the filament of the light bulbs. By providing extremely detailed, interactive products at scale, In-Home Preview takes users a step further than the showroom. It brings products to life in their real-world settings and allows users to experience the most life-like version of a product in their home and interact with it, to ensure satisfaction before purchasing.


Creative Team

Senior Design Technologist:
Virakri Jinangkul

iOS Engineer:
Claire Lynch

Director of Product Development:
Joe Minkiewicz

Lead Product Designer:
Courtney Starr

Senior Product Designer:
Pawel Piekarski

iOS Engineering Intern:
Ilmira Estil

Senior Marketing Manager:
Pooja Hoffman

Video Producer:
Stetson Gleave

Communications Manager:
Allycia Puzas