• I’m Not a Robot

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    Myongji University (South Korea)

    Project Title: I’m Not a Robot
    Client or Class Name: n/a - https://www.mju.ac.kr/mbs/mjuen/index.jsp

    I’m Not a Robot – The world’s first human verification test that helps refugees

    Even though the number of refugees is rapidly increasing every year, the negative perception of the refugees has been a common issue. To solve the global refugee issues, public awareness about the refugees must be raised. The UN Refugee Agency – UNHCR created a way to increase awareness of the global refugee issues in partnership with Google reCAPTCHA. By showing pictures of refugees at the step of human verification, we can support and heighten awareness of the global refugee issues.


    Creative Team

    Ohgun Kim

    Creative/Art Director:
    Changkyu Ku

    Art Director:
    Sangmin Park