Illustration Festa 015


DAEKI & JUN Studio (South Korea)

Project Title: Illustration Festa 015
Client or Class Name: Illustration Festa & Gallery One, Seoul -

illustration Festa 015

This both side poster was designed to promote Illustration exhibition, hosted in Seoul every year. This poster, “Illustration Festa 015,” was created to promote the exhibition and event, participated by 60 illustrators, 15 graphic designers and 5 performance artists.

This poster was made in Korean and English. In front side of poster, the English version used a typeface with a drawing feel to it to spell out the words “Illustration Fest 015.” In the same way, the Korean version in back side poster wrote out the translated version of the words. This drawing style typeface was expressed as an illustration on the face of the poster, using blue to add impact.


Creative Team

Art Director & Designer - K-ARTS:
Hyun Cho

Art Director & Designer - DAEKI & JUN Studio:
Daeki Shim


2016 Poster Design Award Winner


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