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Project Title: iHelp
Client or Class Name: The Miami Ad School Art Direction And Copywriting Portfolio Program - https://miamiadschool.com/advertising-school/san-francisco/

In today’s world, stress, work and responsibilities are on the dramatic rise. People continue to push themselves to attain their goals and handle their responsibilities. That means less sleep, more nicotine, alcohol and narcotic consumption, and added stress, which combined together puts people’s mental and physical health in great risk. The problem is also amplified with our dependence on and excessive use of technological devices. The problem is that people do NOT think they should take a break. And when they do, they feel guilty because they feel the need to push themselves further. They think their body is playing tricks on them or that they are slacking off because everybody else is working so much harder than them. So how can we truly know when our bodies need a break? iHelp is here to tell you when you really need a break, and how to productively make use of one. The world needs an accurate predictor of fatigue people can depend on, so that they could know when they are slacking off, and when do their bodies really need a break. It will get all their hard work and the time spent on it to pay off, without paying the real price of not taking a break.

Judge Commentary: “Nice. The stock music is predictable. But the Vo and the writing and the story comes across.”



Creative Team

Hatem El Akad

Art Director:
Donghoon Lee

Art Director:
Paola Delgado Cornejo



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