Identity for a Premium Butcher Shop

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Universidad La Salle México (Mexico)

Project Title: Identity for a Premium Butcher Shop
Client or Class Name: Universidad La Salle - https://lasalle.mx

The identity was designed specifically to show the premium quality and flexibility of the brand products, both, to the local consumers and corporates or bigger companies interested in larger sales. It also had to communicate a message related to the name, Jaripeo, which refers to the traditional bull riding or rodeos practiced in Mexico. While designing, it was importante to keep in mind that the brand had already been in the market for several years and wanted to keep a traditional concept in the identity.  As a result, the identity shows a bull sketch design with fine and organic lines that give away the illusion of entering the letters and simulating the ropes used in rodeos. The name (Jaripeo) was typed on a serif typography that gave hierarchy to it, In contrast with the accompanying text Carnicería (Butcher’s shop). Finally, the chromatic palette used, blue, red and white, was chosen to differentiate and break with the repetitive concept of butcher shops that already existed in the market.

2019 Student Logo Design Award Winner


Creative Team

Designer StudentDesigner Student:
Laura Isabel Martínez Sánchez

Rodrigo Córdova


2019 Student Logo Design Award Winner 2019 Student Logo Design Award Winner


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