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    Project Title: Icons that Uneducate
    Client or Class Name: neikee - www.neikee.com

    It’s an undeniable truth that girls’ education can bring about a phenomenal change in the society. However, things remain unchanged in several rural parts and small towns of India, where people still don’t send their daughters to schools due to cultural and financial reasons. While some think that girls should know nothing apart from household chores, others simply can’t afford to give their daughters proper education. Though many events and activities are organised to sensitise families about the relevance of girl child education, but still the situation is largely grim with close to 20 million girls being deprived of their right to education every year.

    As the numbers rise, Neikee Foundation, a social enterprise took upon itself a tedious ask of spreading awareness amongst the working professionals, millennials and the elite about how they can bring about a meaningful change by doing their bit of Neikee (a Hindi word meaning an act of kindness).  The social enterprise Neikee was on a mission to collect donations and disburse them to their partner NGOs for running awareness programmes in villages & small towns, ensuring a radical change in mindset of parents.

    Posters were put across North India region in start-up hubs and select cafes in a visual language depicted through popular Emojis.

    The Emojis connected well with the target audience but the messaging pertaining to the respective emojis were a stark contrast to reality. They had popular slangs / cuss words that were often used to demean and undermine the importance of education in a girl child’s life.

    The impact was stupendous as there was a significant surge in online donations for Neikee India on the platform, ensuring that people were willing to contribute and embrace a much needed change towards their perspective towards girl child education.

    Judge Commentary: “Nicely done family of posters”

    2018 Poster Campaign Design Award Winner


    Creative Team

    Creative Director / Copywriter:
    Gaurav Bahl

    Creative Director / Art Director:
    Prakash Jayashanmugam


    2018 Poster Campaign Design Award Winner 2018 Poster Campaign Design Award Winner