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Project Title: Hooked
Client or Class Name: Head To Head - https://www.miamiadschool.com

Opioid crisis in the U.S is a problem that reaches any race, age, gender and socio-economic segment. So, we found a way to make Americans break the stigma associated with it.

Our idea, HOOKED, is to make Americans connect with the problem by relating through an everyday practice: binge-watching within Netflix. When binge-watching your favorite show, your body experiences a drug like high. In the 15 seconds between each show, we will show a message that compares the sensation of binge-watching to the addiction of opioids. After the viewer has binge-watched three episodes in a row, we replaced the “Are you still there?” message with an overdose-related one. After seeing our message, the viewer will be served a static banner within their recommendation with a hotline to seek help.



Creative Team

Art Director:
Nidal Koteich

Agustina Lavignasse

Art Director:
Daniel Pujol

Art Director:
Lisette Azulay



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