HK Young Fashion Designers’ Contest 2014

Collateral Material

Hong Kong Trade Development Council (Hong Kong)

Project Title: HK Young Fashion Designers’ Contest 2014
Client or Class Name: Hong Kong Trade Development Council -

Launched by Hong Kong Trade Development Council in 1977, Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers’ Contest (YDC)  is an annual fashion competition which has already become the most prestigious event of its kind in the region, playing a vital role in nurturing and identifying fashion design talent. Many past contestants have gone on to become leading designers in the local fashion and garment industries, while others have successfully launched their own labels.

The show programme of YDC 2014 is the official brochure of the contest. The metamorphic and kaleidoscopic graphic of the brochure including the campaign identity is evolved from the concept that design ideas are sparked off after numerous collisions and fusions of varied trivial elements. They are like genes and cells under the microscope, that is: constantly changing and evolving. They come from within and determined by our upbringing, our taste and things that we have seen and done in all those years we live.

The brochure features not just the works of some competition finalists, but the souls of individuals whose interesting points of view and insights worth even more attention.

The design concept of YDC 2014 was also applied on stage in the form of motion graphic and on set display.

About the design team

Coordinated by As Collective, the Team created for this booklet a central theme that is further elaborated by all the animations seen during the show and at a display at hall during World Boutique Hong Kong 2014 (13-16th January, 2014).

Members of the Team specialize in art direction, graphic, styling, photography, and motions creations. By contributing their strengths in YDC 2014, they offered their support to Hong Kong young fashion talents and at the same time prove that fashion ‘extends beyond much more than “just clothes” but “has to do with ideas, the way we live and what is happening”.

2014 Collateral Design Award Winner

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Creative Team

Creative Direction:
Azia Chau

Creative Direction:
Benny Woo

Creative Direction:
Siuming Leung

Art Direction:
Kim Lee

Graphic Design:
Beryl Kwan



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