Holiday Card

Animated Film

White & Case (USA)

Project Title: Holiday Card
Client or Class Name: White & Case LLP -

BACKGROUND White & Case partners email digital holiday cards to all our clients and alumni. ASSIGNMENT Create a unique, non-denominational holiday card which reflects the Firm as sophisticated and multicultural, and demonstrates we value our global relationships. AUDIENCE Clients and alumni. APPROACH / CONCEPT Celebration of the world’s cultures through the musical journey through continents We started with music. Composer Gemma Peackocke, was commissioned to create a global-feeling piece. Traditional instruments from around the world, (violin, saxophone, pan flute, sitar, maracas and djembe) were chosen to represents different cultures. Then we created the animation. It’s an abstract representation of voices, sound waves and connections between humanity and the world in general. The melody travels around the world using the instruments made of sound waves as it’s vehicle. At the end all the instruments play together and the sound wave fills up the screen in a celebratory resolution.



Creative Team

Art Director:
Karolina Pietrynczak

Creative Director:
Kim Robak

Global Creative Director:
Robin Colangelo

Gemma Peackocke

Graphic Designer:
Reiner Soliven

Senior Designer:
Jaime Foll

Atomic Kid Studios

Edward Averill-Snell



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