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Project Title: Hill Country Ride for Aids
Client or Class Name: Hill Country Ride for Aids - web.hillcountryride.org

You + Can Change Lives

For the 2015 Hill Country Ride for Aids, Creative Tonic collaborated with the HCRA team to create a campaign look and feel that captured the true meaning and importance of the Ride in a way that had never been done before. Taking inspiration from past rides, the 10 local HIV/AIDS non-profits that benefit and the Hill Country itself, we were able to provide a colorful spin on a cause important to everyone here at the Studio.

The Challenge

For their return to Krause Springs, site of the inaugural Hill Country Ride For AIDS, the Ride team also wanted to return the 2015 Ride to the event’s roots in laughter, love and the gay community. Known for their elaborate “themed” stops and fun atmosphere, the Ride needed an engaging, exciting concept that reflected the spirit of the mission and event.

Our Approach

Combine bold, bright colors and dynamic patterns with a genuine, heartfelt tone to balance the spirited nature of the Ride with the seriousness of the cause. Together, these elements created an inviting, upbeat feel for the event that allowed participants to not only feel like they were making a difference, but also have a great time doing so.

The poster series for the Ride incorporates the bold patterning and distinctive rainbow palette to create an instantly recognizable look for the 2015 Ride that drew rave reviews from organizers, participants and attendees alike.

2015 Poster Campaign Design Award Winner


Creative Team

Creative Director:
Michelle Houp

Anthony Hurd

Shelley Brand


2015 Poster Campaign Design Award Winner 2015 Poster Campaign Design Award Winner 2015 Poster Campaign Design Award Winner 2015 Poster Campaign Design Award Winner


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