Harpic Roll

Alternative Media
Integrated Campaign

Kookmin University (South Korea)

Project Title: Harpic Roll
Client or Class Name: College of Arts - english.kookmin.ac.kr

Creative Brief

As we all know, after the use of toilet paper, the empty roll becomes useless. And all empty toilet roll are thrown away in the bin.
Is there any way we can give a new life to those rolls?

So we thinks new idea. We recreate empty Toilet paper rolls into toilet bowl cleaner. After using all of the toilet paper, You put the Harpic roll in the toilet.
Harpic roll melts the water, become a toilet bowl cleaner As a result, the Empty toilet paper roll is recycled.
In addition, it is clean toilets regularly, easy to use. And Consumers can have a odorless and shiny clean toilet bowl.


Creative Team

Creative Director:
Yu Sangwon

Art Director:
Choi Miji

Art Director:
Im Eunmi

Art Director:
Sung Jinju

Lee Hyunwoo



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