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Project Title: Harken Health Public Site
Client or Class Name: Harken Health - https://www.harkenhealth.com/

We designed both a public site to illustrate the story of Harken’s simpler, human-centered model and a member site to deliver on that promise. The public site (internally referred to as the pre-member experience) presents users with a digital experience that represents the Harken model through visual and conceptual simplicity while clearly communicating that members are the core of their care team. Options for plans and engagement are kept deliberately limited so everything focuses on care decisions not bureaucracy. The value placed on relationship is underscored by a 60-second video linked to from the homepage that revolves around the brand position that Harken Health delivers “The insurance you need with the care you deserve.”

Harken’s audience is very diverse across age, gender, ethnicity, location and physical capability. Leveraging our experience with other health insurance clients and by engaging with our healthcare center of excellence we know that our audience is increasingly responsible for managing their own care and it’s cost. More to the point, we know that in general people are struggling with this paradigm shift. This inspired us to simplify the site as much as possible while emphasizing a strong sense of warmth and human connection.

The result is that member sign-ups have exceeded expectations in the Atlanta and Chicago test markets. Social engagement has also been brisk and as a result Harken has been able to increase their staff to support additional specialties like content and social.

We’re proud of the results but like any good doctor we’re always on the lookout for symptoms that require attention. So, the usability testing and improvement cycle is ongoing as we work to keep harkenhealth.com nimble in an ever changing market place. Just like the Harken-patient relationship, Harken and us are working together to solve long-term goals.



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