Häagen Dazs exträaz

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Bridgemark (Canada)

Project Title: Häagen Dazs exträaz
Client or Class Name: Nestlé - https://www.nestle.com

The premium ice cream category has grown in recent years due to more niche and small players entering the market. As a leading brand known for its quality ice cream, Häagen Dazs looked to launch a new innovation that would excite and engage consumers. At the same time, the Häagen Dazs master brand had recently undergone changes to celebrate its history, quality and craftsmanship. The new line of Häagen Dazs exträaz appeals to consumers’ desire for multi-textural and sensory experiences. Taste appeal is important for connecting with the millennial target who chooses products that are sociable and share-worthy, even if they’re indulging by themselves. The creative solution leverages Häagen Dazs’ heritage of premium, quality ingredients both by aligning to the master brand as well as with the centre ingredient ribbon. While competitors tend to show the ice cream itself, Häagen Dazs differentiates by showing chunks of chocolate, nuts and ripples of cream, to highlight the multi-sensory experience of the product and visually convey the name “exträaz.” The muted, dark packaging of Häagen Dazs exträaz creates a block at shelf, which allows the product photography to stand out. The line-up also maintains the notable bright gold tapestry background that captivates and connects this new offering to the core line. The result is a design system that is very true to the Häagen Dazs DNA: choosing the finest quality ingredients to elevate and create the best experience.

2019 Food Packaging Design Award Winner


Creative Team

VP Creative Director:
Cory Roberts



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