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    Project Title: H-Factor
    Client or Class Name: H-Factor - https://hfactorwater.com

    Thirst for More.

    H-Factor is a hydrogen infused water. With regular use, studies have shown hydrogen water helps with inflammation after exercise, soothes soreness and increases energy.

    Articulating the functional benefits of hydrogen water in a way that feels trustworthy was the main objective for this packaging project.

    We developed a logo that combined a sense of innovation and trust. Packaging combined the fluidity of water along with simply stating the scientific findings behind hydrogen water, inviting consumers to learn more versus creating communications that felt more marketing-speak feels more real, simple and believable. Nothing too fanciful or fluffy here to distract consumers from the facts.

    H-Factor is getting into exponentially more retail stores with the evolution of this packaging.

    2018 Food and Beverage Packaging Design Award Winner


    Creative Team

    Creative Director:
    Jeremy Dahl

    Creative Director/Designer:
    Becky Nelson Dahl

    Colleen Woolsey

    Rebecca Goodberg

    CEO, H-Factor:
    Gail Levy

    Chief Experience Officer, H-Factor:
    Nicole Pack


    2018 Food and Beverage Packaging Design Award Winner 2018 Food and Beverage Packaging Design Award Winner


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