Gugak enters in your life everyday


Hongik University (South Korea)

Project Title: Gugak enters in your life everyday
Client or Class Name: Hongik University -

Busan National Gukak Center has been doing succesion of Korean traditional music that is called Gukak. This image is showing practical role of the BNGC.

Role of BNGC is widely known as introducing gugak to peple who are unfamiliar with gugak, and rooting down in people’s life.
In order to show the meaning of ‘role of BNGC’, we used images of headphones and earphones that people always putting in their ears to listen to music. Additionally, we changed images of ear bulbs to Korean traditional musical instruments and those are essential to compose a gugak.

2018 Student Poster Design Award Winner


Creative Team

Creative director/ art director:
Sewoong Jang

Jaeseung Pi



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