Greystone Rentals Website

New Media

Mermaid, Inc. (USA)

Project Title: Greystone Rentals Website
Client or Class Name: Acuity Capital Partners -

The developer/owner of this rental building, Acuity Capital Partners, approached us to create a website for this property.

We wanted to focus on the amazing neighborhood and culture of the area. We created a single page website that has a time-lapse video that seamlessly loops. This video can be seen playing on many of the sections. The site is interactive, with many of the images that roll over to reveal copy or slide through on click of icons.

There is an easter egg at the every end of the website that can only be access by scrolling all the way down past the Contact section. It says “It’s a new dawn. It’s a new day” and the time-lapse video plays in a loop behind it.

2015 Consumer Website Design Award  Winner
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Creative Team

Creative Director, Designer, Photographer & Photo Illustration:
Sharon Mclaughlin

Copy Writer & Photographer:
Adrian Bonvento

Web & UI Developer:
Bart McLaughlin



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