Graphics 3, Inc. Birch Birdhouse Pop-Up Greeting Card

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TFI Envision, Inc. (USA)

Project Title: Graphics 3, Inc. Birch Birdhouse Pop-Up Greeting Card
Client or Class Name: Graphics 3, Inc. -

This unique, rubber band activated birdhouse pop-up card mails flat and pops up instantly when removed from the envelope. TFI Envision designed this charming illustration of male cardinal on the roof and female cardinal nested inside the birdhouse against the contrast the birch bark birdhouse with the snow covered copper roof immediately grabs your attention. Pine bough and holly details add visual interest and texture. The gift tag incorporates the ribbon detail for a complete presentation.

2015 Card Design Award Winner


Creative Team

Creative Director / Art Director / Designer:
Elizabeth P. Ball

Steve Harrington

Production Artist:
Cindy Emmert



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