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    Project Title: Google Maps : Obstacle Pin
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    Car accidents are caused by many different reasons and among them are obstacles that suddenly appear on the road.

    According to American Automobile Association, road debris accounted for 39,000 injuries and 500 deaths nationwide between 2011~2014.

    It can be a terrible threat to drivers.

    They might not be aware of the obstacles at all or until the last second, causing them to make abrupt decisions.

    Also, even if you avoid the obstacle, it is hard to inform others beforehand, which otherwise could have helped a lot of people.

    How can we be safe from obstacles on the road?

    By partnering with one of the most widely used navigation apps, Google Maps, we can detect objects on the road and also inform others beforehand.

    Introducing “Obstacle Pin”.

    How does this work?

    First, the initial car that encounters the obstacle quickly uses its camera sensors to spot the obstacle and alerts the driver.

    At the same time, “Obstacle Pin” informs other drivers that are heading the same way.

    The Google Maps shows what, where, and when the object is detected.

    What happens if the object is no longer there?

    When a passing car senses that object has disappeared, it automatically updates the Google Maps status.

    In addition, the “Obstacle Pin” also informs the concerned authorities so that they can handle the obstacles with appropriate manner.

    Not only can you avoid obstacles, but you can also inform others nearby to ensure their safety as well.

    Now, let’s protect our drivers from obstacles.



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