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Project Title: Good Citizens Mac N’ Cheese
Client or Class Name: Good Citizens -

Good Citizens Mac N’ Cheese Range

Introducing a new food brand – Good Citizens. It calls itself a “people’s food company,” meaning its transparent in its business, product, and ingredient stories. Cultivating a good relationship with its consumers is of the upmost importance to them which means creating healthy, good for you food with no secrets. Good quality food and good business (relationships with both clients and consumers) go hand in hand. It was The Creative Pack’s job to help Good Citizens build its brand from its identity to packaging (first product – two Macaroni and Cheese varieties).

It first began with determining who Good Citizens is – a brand highly educated about nutrition and consumer food. It is one and the same as the parters with who it works with and the communities it nourishes. Not one step from farm table is not paid attention to and cared for. Good Citizens is revolutionizing the food industry. These statements of identity needed to be translated in all aspects of its design from logo to food packaging.

The logo is an iconic emblem for a call to action in food quality, it’s simple and bold. This logo is reminiscent of a revolutionary flag with its added details of both a fork and knife as well as the stars on the either side of ‘Good Citizens.’ It has a utilitarian quality that has strength on pack. The phrase ‘In Quality We Trust’ is a reference to American currency which reads ‘In God We Trust’ – a powerful statement to reassure it is dedicated to providing good quality ingredients from sources that are just as good. Good Citizens takes the pledge – with nourishment and community for all.

Good Citizen’s first product roll out is macaroni and cheese because it’s the quintessential American feel- good food. The goal is to create products that get people together to cook, talk laugh engage and eat with one another that they feel good about eating. Its clean food at affordable costs that comes from farms

with clean flourishing lands free of pesticides. The packaging needed to match these ideals. The design is crafty, inviting and warm. The design has many layers of texture with both elements of photography and illustration. The imagery is inspired by the new Americana, its fun and whimsical. It invites you to go on a journey, a food adventure – from farm to table. The design doesn’t take authenticity too seriously, it brings out the silliness of adults and invites everyone back to the comfort of a childhood favorite. To balance out the busier imagery, the color palette is kept minimal – mainly in black and off white with only two colored circles overlaid on the imagery as a color coding system between the two varieties (Classic Macaroni & Cheese and Shells & White Cheddar). The phrase Organic leads the hierarchy to express the importance of the balanced lifestyle. It’s all about fighting the ‘good food fight’ by eating quality ingredients.

2017 Food Packaging Design Award Winner


Creative Team

Creative Director and Founder:
Danielle Beal

Senior Graphic Designer:
Heather Storie

Graphic Designer:
Paola Ip


2017 Food Packaging Design Award Winner 2017 Food Packaging Design Award Winner 2017 Food Packaging Design Award Winner