• Go Global

    Self Promotion

    Project Title: Go Global
    Client or Class Name: CGTN America - https://america.cgtn.com

    In order to promote CGTN’s broad international coverage we created a series of promos encouraging viewers to expand their horizons and “Go Global”.

    In the Flag Promo we merged flags from six different continents, to convey a sense of news on a global scale. There’s nothing provincial about it! We attempted to sustain the viewer’s attention for 30-seconds by animating rapidly, never dwelling on any one flag for too long. Transitions between flags had the serendipitous effect of creating interesting graphic combinations. It was fascinating to discover how similarly flags are designed – we live in a diverse world linked by a shared visual language.

    In the Objects Promo we collected pieces of ephemera from across the world and filmed them in a studio, in the style of portrait photography. With a vast array of objects, it made sense to unify and simplify the imagery by shooting in front of a white backdrop. Each image is on-screen for only a few frames – we’re not supposed to study each composition carefully, rather we experience a fleeting sensation of traveling by observing these foreign objects in quick succession.

    The Time-lapse Promo is essentially a diverse montage of footage from across the globe. There is a theme of movement as the camera flies over mountains and traverses roads and railways, the idea being that we are taking you on an expansive tour of the world with each broadcast. We decided to mix nature and technology, a nod to the old and new world. As humans we keep progressing but we are firmly bound to nature and tradition.


    Creative Team

    Creative Director:
    Alexander Shields

    Tian Lan

    Jack Mead