Gloriously Gold: Celebrating AirAsia’s 10 Years of Awards

Annual Report
Book Design

Rethink Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)

Project Title: Gloriously Gold: Celebrating AirAsia’s 10 Years of Awards
Client or Class Name: Air Asia Group Berhad -

3x Award Winner

Book Design – Jacket or Cover – Gold Award
Book Design-Complete – Silver Award
Annual Reports – Silver Award

Our client, the world’s leading low-cost carrier, has an aim to be a globally recognised ASEAN brand. With a network stretching across Asia, Australia and New Zealand, the Middle East and the US, AirAsia has been named as the World’s Best Low-Cost Airline at the annual Skytrax World Airlines Awards for the 10th time in a row, since 2009.  As the chosen agency, we were asked to conceptualise, design and produce their annual report for the year 2018, whilst showing their achievements up-to-date. The challenge we faced in the early days was to come up with a concept that exclusively highlights their achievements and awards whilst maintaining their brand as a focal point. All of this had to be delivered in a classy and extravagant execution. We then faced another big challenge, the 5-colour printing. We had the concept and design locked down and approved by the client, but the printing process was nerve wrecking.  Even after encountering major problems throughout the process, we were still determined to produce the best, for our client. We took the challenge and went full gold on the cover, with rainbow foil, emboss and coarse matte as the finishing. We overcame the 5-colour printing problem, steadily and carefully. Many thoughts were given throughout the whole printing process, and we managed to come up with a solution together by changing the paper quality and upgrading both our printer and its software to allow the printing to run smoothly. All in all, we finally produced an entire annual report, which screams elegance on every page- an annual report that would leave people star struck just by laying their eyes on the cover. This annual report will convey exactly what our client is looking for and what we want to achieve.

2019 Book Design Award Winner



Creative Team

Executive Creative Director:
S. Indran

Account Manager:
Audrey Soon

Creative Head:
Ng Tse Mei

Art Director:
S. Indran, Abu Muslim, Heidi Azrin

Graphic Designer / DTP Artist:
Hooi Keng Lam

Aisha Riza, Yaashdev, Ng Tse Mei

Proof-reader Proof-reader:
Aisha Riza, Yaashdev, Audrey Soon

S. Indran, Audrey Soon

Pyramids Design Studio


2019 Book Design Award Winner 2019 Book Design Award Winner 2019 Book Design Award Winner