• Global Thinkers Forum Brand Manual

    Corporate Identity Manual

    Global Thinkers Forum (United Kingdom)

    Project Title: Global Thinkers Forum Brand Manual
    Client or Class Name: Global Thinkers Forum - www.globalthinkersforum.org

    GTF is rapidly expanding, including more partners, members, contractors and brand ambassadors from across the world every day. This creates the need for us to be able to communicate our brand and core brand characteristics (visual, typo, language) to all stakeholders that are working with our organisation and need to be in a position to understand our brand, communicate it and create visual and written material that represent our organisation.

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    2017 Corporate Identity Manual Design Award Winner


    Creative Team

    Founder & CEO:
    Elizabeth Filippouli

    Projects & Partnerships Associate:
    Ellie Papoutsani

    Creative Designer:
    Marija Hajster

    Creative Company: