GE Fitness Generator

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Hanyang University (South Korea)

Project Title: GE Fitness Generator
Client or Class Name: SOL Academy -

More than 30 African countries are now experiencing power shortages and regular interruptions in service. On the other hand, there is more than enough physical movement among people to power the world, but it has been untapped until now. The place where this is most apparent is at Fitness Centers. The kinetic energy at the fitness centers can be converted into electricity, but it’s wasted on people just trying to workout. Take your bike for example. An efficient bike generator pedaled by a reasonably fit person can produce about 100 watts of continuous output. An experienced biker can produce a peak of more than 400 watts.

Introducing, GE’s Fitness Generator – Switch your energy into Electricity. When this device is attached to a bike or running machine, your kinetic energy generates electricity. This generated electricity is collected in the entire fitness center through GE’s wireless charging system. The more you exercise, the faster you exercise, the more power you make. Electric power collected by people is donated to countries where GE is building its infrastructure, such as Nigeria, South Africa, Angola, Ghana, Mozambique and Kenya. If ten adults ride 10 bicycles per hour, a family of Nigeria can use electricity all day. Every time you work out, ten African children can study.


Creative Team

Creative Director:
Donghoon Lee

Art director :
Seul Min Kim

Art director :
Mijoo kwon



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