• Flick You

    Public Service

    McCann Torre Lazur (USA)

    Project Title: Flick You
    Client or Class Name: Flick You - https://www.facebook.com/FlickYouCampaign/

    Campaign Objective

    Smokers don’t realize, when they flick their cigarette butts, they flip off the world. We were fed up with seeing cigarette butts everywhere, so we decided someone had to say something, and say it clearly.  FLICK YOU was born.

    Using humor, a clean aesthetic, and a smooth design, we created an in-your-face campaign that didn’t soften the edges of the problem at hand. We wanted smokers to understand the depth of the issue and to motivate them to join us in saying FLICK YOU by disposing of their cigarette butts appropriately.

    Our message is true and simple: if you are a smoker, properly dispose of your cigarette butts. Don’t flick ‘em in our streets, don’t flick ‘em in our water, don’t flick ‘em in our world. Please just FLICK RESPONSIBLY!

    Campaign Strategy

    We started one day in May, tweeting and posting on Facebook with stats outlining the 4.5 trillion cigarettes littered each year; the 1.7 billion pounds of trash that litter creates; and where butts are most prevalently littered. Using our bold and eye-catching cigarette butt infographics, we steadily gained attention. Punctuating our posts with the hashtags #FLICKYOU and #FLICKRESPONSIBLY, we achieved more than 1.5 million organic, non-boosted impressions and shares.

    We illustrated just how big a problem these littered butts are for our planet. We executed our campaign in a simple, noticeable, and an easy-to-understand style. We complemented powerful images with hard-hitting copy, never forgetting to end with our FLICK YOU sign-off.

    Target Audience

    Everyone, because litter affects everyone. Smokers, because they are the ones who flick.

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    2017 Public Service Video Design Award Winner


    Creative Team

    Chief Creative Officer:
    Marcia Goddard

    Copy Supervisor:
    Adam Swider

    Art Supervisor:
    Heather Canova

    Paul Fisher

    Graphic Designer:
    Josh LaGrave

    VP, Director, Design and Imaging:
    Jonathan Stampf

    Digital Strategist:
    Sergey Gusarov

    Associate Strategic Planner:
    Aaron Martin

    VP, Director of Integrated Production:
    Jennifer Dee

    VFX/Multimedia Specialist:
    Patrick Johnson

    Content Producer, Editor:
    Rebecca Binder

    Associate VFX Editor:
    Michael Peete



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