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    Project Title: Flag Stories
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    A flag is simply a fascinating piece of design. With limited constraints and simple colors, flags are highly symbolic representations of a country’s unique story. That’s why we decided to explore them in every possible way in order to share our fascination with the world.

    The project was named Flag Stories and it’s a series of infographics presented on flagstories.co where new stories will be added continuously. Flag Stories is a project by ferdio – a Copenhagen based infographic agency transforming data and information into captivating visuals.

    Curious to see what might be learned from an in-depth deconstruction of flag design, the project was also set out as a way of demonstrating how you can find and tell stories from something that seems rather “storyless” by comparing the data of layouts, colors, similarities, symbolism, proportions, etc.

    To be honest we didn’t expect to find this many stories behind flags, when we started out. But it seemed like the more we dug into the data, the more stories emerged. So expect more flag stories to be presented in future.

    Also we didn’t expect this much attention and interest from people around the world as it is kind of nerdy, but Flag Stories went viral reaching not only design oriented medias, but also the mainstream audience. Reading hundreds of mails and feedback from users, it also underlines the strong feelings and interest to flags.

    So our plan is to keep digging and continuously adding new stories to the project and topic – new infographics are already lined up.

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    2018 Infographic Design Award Winner


    Creative Team

    Partner & Managing Director:
    Birger Morgenstjerne

    Partner & Creative Director:
    Jeppe Morgenstjerne



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