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    ICON plc (Ireland)

    Project Title: FIRECREST Visual Storytelling
    Client or Class Name: ICON plc - https://www.iconplc.com

    Powerful & Engaging Communications

    Explaining a complex disease pathophysiology or communicating novel mechanism of action with words alone can be challenging. Medical animation delivers an intricate message through an effective and powerful medium, enabling a deeper level of understanding. FIRECREST medical animations are highly engaging, customised videos that are a great aid to convey complex scientific medical concepts.


    Visual Storytelling: Bringing Stories to Life

    Our specialist team of Pharmacologists, Medics and Animators work to craft a simple story and bring it to life. We place great emphasis on creating graphics that are convincing and ‘realistic’ in order to spark the interest of our audience and, thus, maximize the delivery of key information. Our visual storytelling approach is specifically tailored by applying 3D modelling and animation techniques to clearly demonstrate the intricacies in a step-by step visual approach.


    Creative Team

    Creative Team:
    FIRECREST Medical Animation Team