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    Omdesign (Portugal)

    Project Title: Film Omdesign 2016
    Client or Class Name: Omdesign - www.omdesign.pt

    With the Omdesign 2016 video, we wanted to encourage all our clients and partners to pull together and help us return to nature what we have all taken daily from it.

    This conceptual film communicates a collective and participative challenge to plant 200 cork oaks, involving all family members. As part of a Christmas self-campaign, the acorn gave shape to 200 packages, each containing a bottle of Port wine, one of the Portuguese icons. These packages were offered to all our clients and partners, with the goal of celebrating the 89 distinctions we have all achieved in 2016, always following our environmental and sustainability concerns.

    The Omdesign 2016 video represents how we commemorate our success by strengthening our commitment to the future. In 2 minutes the film shows a family discovering the acorn and following the steps to grow it.

    Sustainability and respect for biodiversity are key values. By representing the cork oak challenge as a family activity, Omdesign encourages present generations to multiply this gesture and give their contribution to a more sustainable future.

    With this project, we have achieved 100% involvement from our clients and partners, inspiring others to adopt the same positive behavior with a more responsible attitude: repeating the cycle, enjoying the best that nature gives us, without destroying or exploring it.

    Omdesign has successfully contributed to the preservation of the cork oak – a protected species, whose conservation plays a vital role in the ecosystem.



    Creative Team

    Diogo Gama Rocha



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