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    Project Title: FDA-The Real Cost / MTV-Every Decision Matters
    Client or Class Name: FDA - www.fda.gov

    In Every Decision Matters, the co-branded campaign from MTV and the FDA’s anti-smoking TheRealCost.gov initiative, we created a series of stylized documentary vignettes featuring show talent from MTV: Nev Schulman from Catfish, Jillian Rose Reed from Awkward, and Nessa from Girl Code. Capturing real-life stories from the talent, ranging from one’s early interest in photography, another’s break into the acting world, and the third’s maintaining a healthy radio voice, we pinpointed small but specific decisions they have made that ultimately shaped their successful careers. Our goal was to convey that deciding not to smoke may not seem like a big deal to a teenager in the moment but could end up having significant impact later in life.

    Rather than shooting a traditional day-in-the-life documentary version of their retelling of the events, we tailored each vignette’s style to best fit the story being told, incorporating time-lapse, animation and other cinematic elements into an otherwise real-life story. In the end, all are tied together through the Every Decision Matters messaging.

    Judge Commentary:

    • Really liked all 3 vignette’s it was a great insight into the three people’s lives.Great use of colour throughout the 3 films, made this fun as well as interesting. Some really interesting shots like in the bmx park in catfish GREAT USE OF LIGHT!!

      Really interesting edits, great pace of quick cuts, mixture of animation that slowed down again when the hero was talking to camera. This all made for a very interesting viewing.


    Creative Team

    SVP, MTV On-Air Promos:
    Amy Campbell

    VP/Executive Producer:
    Meg Sudlik

    VP/Creative Director:
    Colin Gaul

    E.J. McLeavey-Fisher

    Producer (Catfish, Awkward):
    Dan O’Hare

    Producer (Girl Code):
    Jenny Lee

    Director of Photography (Catfish, Awkward):
    Khalid Mohtaseb

    Director of Photography (Girl Code):
    Adam McDaid

    Art Director:
    Arne Knudsen

    Editor / Graphics (Girl Code):
    Ethan Simmons / Post Millennium

    David Huston

    Graphics (Catfish, Awkward):
    Hoi Yan Shing



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