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McCann Health New Jersey (USA)

Project Title: EPILAPSEY
Client or Class Name: Fycompa - https://www.fycompa.com


There’s a lapse in epilepsy treatment. Just a single missed dose can cause a catastrophic breakthrough seizure. The consequences can be dire—fractures, brain damage, or worse. This lapse isn’t just about patient forgetfulness. Current therapies are also falling short, and thousands of patients are slipping through the cracks. In the end, why should the punishment for missing just one dose be so severe?


Eisai, a leader in the treatment of epilepsy, recognized that missed doses were robbing patients of seizure freedom and wanted to alert the epilepsy community of this threat. To do this, Eisai needed to:

  • Start the conversation about the dire risks of missed-dose–related seizures between HCPs and their patients
  • Challenge HCPs to question their current therapeutic approach and consider epilepsy treatments that work with their patients’ lifestyles
  • Frame their company as the expert in preventing breakthrough seizures


Our solution was to make the crisis a condition. We gave it a name: EPILAPSEY. What is EPILAPSEY? It’s a new disease state defined by breakthrough seizures caused by a missed dose, and a multichannel campaign targeting HCPs and patients.   A huge in-office and nonpersonal print initiative directed our audience to learn more online—at least 2000 print materials were delivered to HCPs, generating more than 500,000 impressions in the first few months. The epilepsy community continued the conversation online with overall Facebook posts generating more than 8000 likes and 3000 shares. EPILAPSEY is turning awareness into action and helping close the lapse of preventable seizures, because one seizure is one too many.

2019 Branding Campaign Design Award Winner


Creative Team

Marcia Goddard

Creative Director:
Modesto Rodriguez

VP, Associate Creative Director, Copy:
Kurt Fried

Associate Creative Director, Art:
Adam Schirmer

Group Art Supervisor:
Michael Massenzio

Group Art Supervisor:
Heather Canova

Senior Art Director:
Stacey Fierro

Senior Copywriter:
Deana Rauh

Charles Doyle

VP, Management Supervisor:
Sarah Scully

Account Group Supervisor:
Kelly Morgan

Senior Account Executive:
Brianna Buttel

Associate Director, Strategic Planning:
Justin Gardiner

Associate Director, Patient Engagement:
Allison Kovacs

Senior Scientific Analyst:
Aminat Musah


2019 Branding Campaign Design Award Winner


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